A poem for Anthology – The NZ bush

The NZ Bush

The forest spoke with secret sound
A whispered hush both still and clear
Communion and peace around
That those more unfamiliar fear
I stood amidst cool and languid air
And heard sweet voices far and near
Low, asking me to join in prayer

The trunks of totara towered forth
With hinau, mangiau, nikau, pines
I turned each way then faced the north
Surrounded by a mass of vines
A morepork joined us in our prayer
With stronger voice but fewer lines
We spoke for all the creatures there

I quite forgot ’bout time and space
No urgency came to my mind
A peaceful member of my race
I prayed for others of my kind
Too busy, most of them to see
With profiteering on their mind
To be at one with forest-tree


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