Enders Game Essay

In Ender’s Game directed by Gavin Hood, film techniques have been used to help us understand a character. Ender Wiggin is the subject of this essay.
Film techniques have helped us understand Ender, which help us feel more involved and connected to Ender and his emotions. A few of the film
techniques used are close up camera shot, Costume and body language.

Close up has been used quite a few times during the movie, it helps the audience notice minor facial expressions that create more emotion for the viewers. Ender is a compassionate leader who can get very frustrated and very aggressive, the close up camera shot helps us see his facial expressions. During the scene where Ender gets confronted by bully’s his facial expressions change during the confrontation, his expressions show fear and hesitation. The scene develops to the stage where Ender has retaliated, his expressions on his face show anger and aggression. The close up is great for showing emotion and mood. The emotion of Ender and his mood tells us a lot about him and helps us understand his character better.

Ender’s costume changes over the movie, it is film technique that helps the audience feel connected and immersed. Costume helps the Audience begin to have feelings for Ender and helps them build a relationship. At the start of the film Ender’s Costume is yellow and grey battle suit, for each progression through the battle armies Ender’s suit changes colour. The progression of the ranks gives the audience something to relate to. The costume helps the audience understand Ender and his achievements, Costume is a very important feature in a film because it helps the audience connect with each character. That is exactly what it has done in Ender’s Game.

Body language is a huge part of any film, it shows a characters mood and emotions. Knowing a characters emotions and mood can help us understand the character better. During a few scenes of this film Ender shows aggressive body language such as when he was getting confronted by the bully’s. His body language helps the Audience see that he is not going to take any trouble from them, This helps the Audience understand Ender is resilient and is not a easy target. Body language can express feelings and emotions in way that other techniques cannot do. This is very important. A study shows 80% of communication is non-verbal in forms such as facial expressions and body language.

These camera techniques help us as an audience build a relationship with Ender, through his emotions and expressions. His emotions and expressions have been shown using techniques such as close up, costume and body language. These are very important to a film because it helps create immersion and connection between a character and the audience. These film techniques help us understand a character in more depth.


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