English Matrix – Create 5 questions to show that you have learnt something during the book.

  1. Name a very prominent theme in the book. Social groups are a very big theme in this book, if anything it is the biggest theme in the book. Many problems in this book are caused by the rivalry between the Socs and Greasers. Quite a few of the most important scenes in this book are between the two social groups.
  2. List 7 characters from the book and whether they are Soc or Greaser. Darry (Greaser), Pony (Greaser), Sodapop (Greaser), Bob (Soc), Cherry (Soc), Dally (Greaser), Randy (Soc).
  3. Describe how Pony views Darry at the start and the end of the book. Pony loves Darry because they are brothers but he dislikes how Darry is so hard on him and wants him to do well. Pony feels like Darry doesn’t want him so he runs away, When they are reunited he realises that Darry is so hard on him because he cares about him and wants him to succeed and do well.
  4. Name the characters that died and how they died. Dally died after being chased by the police for robbing a grocery store, they chased him down and shot him. Bob was killed by Johnny when Bob tried to kill Ponyboy. Johnny dies in hospital after getting burnt by a fire trying to save some children.
  5. Describe and explain what you took out of the story. I took out that there is no reason to judge someone because of their social status or their affiliations. I also realised that sometimes it may seem that you are not wanted and that you are pushed too hard but it is normally because they care and want you to do well.

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