English Matrix – Create a travel plan to a location in the book

Jay Mountain.

Jay mountain is a beautiful mountain, atop it lies a beautiful old wooden church. This scenic destination is great for any outdoor people who want to watch the beautiful orange sunrise and fall over the oasis of hills and mountains. This trip is a great experience.

The trip fees cover; food, accommodation, transport, activities and water. This trip shall cost $400 per head. This trip is for two days.


Can everyone please meet at the town hall in the centre of town at exactly 8.45,  we shall leave at 9 o’clock.Then from there we shall take a coach to the train station, we shall board the 511 train to Windrixville at 10 o’clock. We shall arrive at Windrixville by 11. We will take a bus to the church atop of Jay Mountain, we will all get settled down and have some food. We are then going to take a hike upon the mountains of Windrixville. We hope to get back before sunset so we can all eat and watch the beautiful sun set. We shall all stay up and play games and talk with a hot drink of tea or hot chocolate.  

The next day we are going to take the bus into Windrixville town and go shopping and then we are going to a activity centre where we can all partake in a kayak down the slow paced peaceful gorge.  We shall then go rock climbing and then we will have barbeque on the slopes of the river.

When we had the barbeque we will return to the church and we shall stargaze and sleep in the church. We shall then catch the coach back to the city. We hope to arrive back around 1 o’clock.


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