English Matrix – Timeline of 10 main events

  1. We get introduced to Ponyboy, the main character. He goes to the movies alone and gets jumped by the Socs. Ponyboy is a greaser and the socs have a dislike towards the greasers.
  2. We meet Cherry and Marcia, they are both Socs. Dally annoys one of them and she throws cola at his face. When Dally leaves Pony and Johnny start talking to them and start to like them.
  3. Cherry and Marcia do not have lifts home as their boyfriends are drunk. Their boyfriends see them being walked home by the greasers. They have a confrontation and almost start a fight but not quite.
  4. Johnny and Pony are at the park after leaving home for a while. The boyfriends of the Socs turn up. They try to drown Pony and Johnny kills one of them in self defense. They go see Dally for help, he tells them where to hide.
  5. The wake up in the church after running away, Johnny goes to the shops to get food and hair dye. They dye and cut their hair as disguise. Dally meets them at the church 5 days later. They talk to Dally and finds out the new spy is Cherry.
  6. The church is on fire when they arrive back there, there are children inside as it burns. Johnny and Pony run in to save the children. Johnny gets third degree burns and breaks his back while trying to save them. At the hospital Pony see’s Darry and Sodapop.
  7. Johnny and Pony go from being fugitives to heroes. Pony gets interviewed by reporters and police. Johnny is in critical condition and may not survive. Pony talks to Randy about what happened and this helps him shed new light on Socs.
  8. Pony is sick but wants to fight. The Socs and Greasers all fight. The greasers win as the Socs retreat. Pony is injured and gets escorted by the police to the hospital, the see Johnny and he is weak. He passes away.
  9. Pony is sick in bed and looks through the yearbook and finds Bob, the dead Soc Johnny killed. Randy comes to see Pony and they talk about what happened and the fight. Randy accidentally anger Pony and is forced to leave.
  10. Pony sits on a car’s spoiler eating and some Sos confront him threatening him. Pony breaks the bottle and pointing it at them. They back away. Pony has to write an assignment about something close to him.

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