English Matrix – Write a paragraph to show the changes a character goes through

Ponyboy goes from being a shy and emotional greaser who is scared of losing his family to a toughened greaser who doesn’t fear anything. He faces many challenges along the story, he loses many close friends and family. He has many hardships and many battles, emotional and physical. He gets jumped by the Socs that affect him emotionally and make him more susceptible to emotional damage. He becomes a bit of an emotional wreck after he gets hit by Darry, he then almost gets drowned by the Socs. He gets emotionally and physically weakened by all this commotion and problems. He also watches Johnny die and get burnt, he watches Dally get shot and he watches Bob get killed. Pony witnesses many things that made him weaker emotionally and physically but in the long term it made him stronger. Ponyboy becomes tougher, and this is shown when he threatens the Socs with a broken soda bottle. Stay gold.


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