English Matrix – Write an evaluation of the book

I feel the book was very well written, it was not a very challenging read but it was a very interesting book none the less. I enjoyed the book because it was interesting and had a strong plot. The plot had many themes and morals to it, all of which were very understandable. The book had a way of making me feel connected with the characters and It was very easy for me imagine that I was there. I would personally change the end, I would have ended it with an agreement between the Socs and the Greasers and a truce to be formed. I feel the struggles of all the characters were good but I would have wanted a final result where they can all make up and form a passive relationship between each other. The book had many scenes where I felt strongly connected emotionally. I could also relate to a few emotions and feelings of the characters during the book. It was a great read for a teenager.


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