Socials – Sim City Experience

We played Sim City for two lessons, we created and designed a functioning city. The game helped demonstrate how difficult a city would be to build and maintain, we needed to think about the plumbing systems and power. The problems in which I faced while creating the city helped me see what is required in reality. The city required hospitals, fire stations, schools, recreation, entertainment, power plants, roads, highways, buildings and much more. These all cost money, it is a case of balancing it’s cost with it’s potential capabilities. There was a huge requirement for power, without power building is not possible, lighting is not possible, heating is not possible. In this game there is a requirement for water, this is a requirement for houses and buildings. Sim City somewhat demonstrated how difficult a city would be to create and maintain in real life. The only thing this does not include is resource consumption and resource limits. In reality the world suffers from overpopulation and energy shortages. This is not included in the game. The game has realistic problems such as fire and crime, however if the necessary facilities are built it should not be a problem. The game is good as it has many realistic problems but it could do with more improvement but is a good game.


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