English – Speech, The Outsiders

When I say 1950’s America what comes to mind? Cheerleaders? Jocks? Geeks? Well you must be living under a rock if you have never heard of them. They are the main iconic social groups of 1950’s – 70’s America. Social groups are groups that contain people who share similarities and character traits. Social groups are also an intangible barrier that sometimes prevent people from communicating because of their social status. Social groups also create a hierarchy system, in each social group there’s hierarchy system. Between all the social groups there is a hierarchy. It goes without saying, back in the 50’s Jocks and Cheerleaders were at the top of the hierarchy food chain.

I will use America as an example, back in the day their was a prominent hierarchy system amongst the different social groups. Jock’s are portrayed as handsome, athletic guys who all played American football. Cheerleader’s are portrayed as attractive, athletic teens who are popular and stuck up. Geeks are portrayed as…..Well need I say? Well at least that is how Hollywood portrays them. Social groups prove to hinder society more than they help.  I will explain why.

You might say social groups don’t mean shite, however let’s be honest they do. As I said before social groups are barriers, no they are not large concrete walls but they are intangible barriers. What creates the barrier? Judgement. The fear of being judged is enough to create a social barrier. If no one was scared of being judged then there would be no fear of socializing with different people. A wall is built with foundations right? Well social groups are too. People in this day are scared, scared of being judged. If this fear was eradicated then the foundations of Social groups would fall.

Social are still prominent today, we have social groups however there is no prominent hierarchy system amongst them.  We have a few main groups such as the ‘Populars’, ‘Sporty’, ‘Nerds’, and a few others. There is no prominent hierarchy amongst them. Today inter-communication between social groups is slightly more accepted, however it is not super common. Judgement today is still enough to prevent the societal acceptance between all social groups. Social groups prevent people from socialising, you never know who you could have been a good friend. Why? Because society does not accept you if you want to talk to them. Simply because you are in different social groups.  

Social groups in the Outsider are based mostly on financial status, the rich kids and the poor.  

These social groups are slightly harder to comprehend, socioeconomic in-differences are responsible for these social groups not only social in-differences . The Outsiders social groups are the Socs and the Greasers. The Soc’s and the Greasers have different socioeconomic backgrounds, these backgrounds affect their character traits. The greasers are more toughened because they have had more hardship than the Socs.
Social groups are a barrier that affects today’s society, if we could rid society of them then society would be a better place. It all starts with judgement, if everyone can stop being judgmental then no one will be scared of being judged. Therefore people would not be scared of socialising with different people. If you want to socialise with someone in a different social group then do it.


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