Exam Revision – English

Exam Revision

Everything I know / remember about Film.

  • I know film techniques well such as costume, sound, lighting, camera angles.
  • I know camera angles well such as over the shoulder, worms eye view, mid shot. Etc.
  • I know the basic plot of Ender’s Game film.

Everything I need to be reminded of about Film.

  • I need to refresh my memory of the film and its plot.
  • I need to catch up on a few select film aspects such as diegetic and non-diegetic sound.
  • I need to watch the movie again and take notes as I go.

Everything I know / remember about Novel.  

  • I know the plot of the book well and what happens in sequence.
  • I know different themes that have been incorporated in the book.
  • I know different characters and their relevance and importance to the novel.

Everything I need to be reminded of about Novel.  

  • I need to recap on the small details of the book which I have forgotten.
  • I need to re-read the book so that I can understand the themes and morals of the story.
  • I need to understand Ponyboy’s characteristics and personality as I have forgotten.

Everything I know about Unfamiliar Text.

  • I know how to recognise different language techniques within a piece of unfamiliar text.
  • I know different language techniques quite well.
  • I know different forms of writing such as short stories, poems, essays .Etc.

Everything I need to know about Unfamiliar Text.

  • I need to recap on what some language techniques mean and do. Eg. Assonance.
  • I need to realise what is important in text when highlighting and what is unnecessary.

What Language techniques do I know.

  • Simile, Metaphor, Personification, Alliteration, Rhetorical question, Onomatopoeia, Colloquial Language, Jargon, Cliche, Sarcasm.