static image


Static Image, English


Static Image Annotations

The theme this static image focuses on is adversity, I choose the dark somber wall as my background because it represents adversity. The wall is a barrier that Katniss must overcome and that barrier is adversity. I choose the dark colour of the wall because it shows that it is a dark and dangerous barrier she faces. There is also barbed wire wrapping around the bottom of the image and this is another barrier she has to overcome, that barrier is adversity.  I choose barbed wire as it is associated with being a barrier or defense and this is another obstacle she has to face and overcome. The quote is colour coded with yellow and red, both of which link to another element in the image. Katniss is represented as the Mockingjay in the image, and the Mockingjay has to overcome those obstacles such as the wall and barbed wire both of which represent adversity. The Mockingjay pin is colour coded with the quote, in particular the word ‘volunteer’. The pin and the word are colour coded as Katniss overcomes adversity by facing it and diving into it full well knowing what she faces. The word ‘tribute’ and the handcuffs are both colour coded to show that the tributes are prisoners in the games and that the whole games are just a huge demonstration of adversity. The colours are coded for a purpose each of which links to something else in the image. Katniss is the Mockingjay and she faces a large and dangerous barrier which is adversity, she must overcome the dark barriers. She must overcome Adversity.