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Up Close and Personal

This piece of creative writing is inspired by the scene in The Hunger Games where Peeta throws Katniss the burnt bread.  It is told from Peeta’s perspective and portrays his emotions, thoughts and feelings.

It was a cold wet day in District 12, it was nothing to be unexpected. I had woken up on the cold wet day at home, my home. The Bakery. I was 16 back when it happened, easily old enough to be working in the bakery. I was working in the bakery in the weekend, it was a saturday and I had no school.

I had helped my dad in the early morning by loading bags of flour from the cellar into the bakery, we had spent about 30 minutes loading the 30kg bags into the bakery. We fired up the ovens and I collected wood and coal to burn in the ovens. It was a cold wet day so it was nice to turn the ovens on and heat the bakery up a little bit. I started making mixtures and doughs. I had made some whole grain dough and cupcake mixtures before my mother came in to help. She was in a bad mood; don’t ask why, I’ll never know. When she came in I exchanged looks with my father, he was almost saying ‘oh god, behave for your sake’. She was taking out all her frustration and anger out on me and it was making me very angry and frustrated. By the early morning I was hot and sweaty so I took a minute and stood outside on the veranda, out of the heat and away from my mother.

I was enjoying the refreshing breeze and the winter rain when I saw her out the corner of my eye. I glanced over to the tree near our backyard, there she was. She was curled up in a large leather jacket with her head poking out, she was sitting on the muddy ground in the cold winter rain. The rain was dancing around her as she glanced up at me momentarily and then she sunk back into her lost slumber. Her name was Katniss Everdeen. She was like an angel, I had loved her ever since I first heard her sing back in year five.

I had seen her around school before, she lived in the seam and had lost her father in a coal mining accident many years ago. When I saw her I felt guilt and remorse, even though I had no reason to. There she was, cold, starving and lifeless; while I have a bakery full of food, warmth and shelter. I felt guilty for her misfortune. I also loved her. I went inside and instantly my mother started barking orders at me “don’t just stand there, put the bread in the oven!’. I wanted to help Katniss, I knew she had a family to feed and I knew she was starving and cold. I grabbed some bread and held it over the fire until it burnt on the outside. I knew we couldn’t sell burnt bread, and so did mother. My mother was a wildfire.

She hit me in the face for burning the bread, “go give the bread to the pigs and cook some more you imbecile .” I walked outside and threw one loaf to the pigs and threw the other two loaves over to the tree. To Katniss. I gave the bread to Katniss because of my guilt my pity, I felt a warm feeling because I knew I had helped her. Katniss looked around for any passersby and grabbed the bread, she gave me a thankful nod and appreciative look and left into the dark cold morning rain. I acted on pity and guilt not my resentment to my mother. I loved her and seeing her in that position hurt, and made me feel guilty. was glad I had helped; even if it did result in being hit. She’s worth it. Katniss Everdeen.


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‘Explain how a main character has helped us understand a main theme in the movie’


The movie ‘Ender’s Game’ was directed by Gavin Hood and was released in 2013, it is the movie adaption of the novel ‘Ender’s Game’ written by Orson Scott Card. The main protagonist is ‘Ender Wiggin’ a young teenage boy, who undergoes vigourous training along with thousands of other in a special selection progress. There are a few very important themes in the book, some of these include warfare, youth, manipulation and Leadership. Leadership is a theme in the movie that is very important, Ender faces many challenges along the movie and they all help him realise his true identity as a leader. An example of a challenge that Ender faced was the final battle scene where he destroys the Formics home planet.


During the movie; Ender faces many challenges during the film, many of these challenges help him identify his leadership qualities. When Ender is accepted into battle school he is afraid of standing out from the others, scared of being superior. He wants to be accepted and liked by the rest of the launchies and recruits. Colonel Graff exposes Ender as being smart, as being better than the rest of the launchies while on the spaceship heading to battle school. This means that most of the launchies have an instant enmity against Ender. This is shown when Bernard says “Oh look, it’s the smartass”. Ender has very few friends, and he is very lonely and isolated, this makes Ender believe he is going to fail and he will not become a leader.  This is a key to Ender and his progression into a leader. This helps us as an audience realise that leadership is earned and sometimes you won’t always start out on the front foot however leadership can still be earned through doing outstanding things.


Ender slowly became a leader, he stood out above the rest because of his skills, tactical thinking, fighting and morals. He showed resilience and fortitude which made him a great leader. He showed resilience and confidence when he got shouted at for asking a question, Sergeant Dap told Ender “I will never salute you” meaning that he will never be under Enders command. Ender replied “Yes you will” this showed resilience and confidence, he was suddenly seen as a leader. This was the start of Enders accent into a leadership role. This was very important for Ender as it gave him morale and confidence. The rest of his peers saw Ender as a leader and they followed him and his ideas. This helps us as an audience to realise what leadership is and what it encompasses.


Once Ender had become a leader he had to maintain his leadership position. Ender kept his leadership position by being smart, tactical and inclusive. Ender was a very inclusive leader and expected teamwork and inclusiveness amongst everyone. In the movie there is a scene where Ender is asked to explain how to slingshot his forces using the gravitational pull of the moon. Ender says “ I think Bean and Ali have a better handle on this than I do.” This showed that Ender is willing to admit he isn’t better than other people, and that he is inclusive. This scene helps us understand what being a leader means and what it signifys and tells us about a person.


In the movie Enders game, the main protagonist is a young teen named Ender. The movie has many important themes, one of which is leadership. Ender undergoes a huge change, he develops mentally and physcologically. He develops into a great leader. He encompases leadership and its values. He shows resiliance and fortitude numerous times, he shows determination and mental strength. He also showed great teamworking skills, he was inclusive and honest. Ender helped us as an audience understand what leadership is and what encompasses.